Surrey Carpooling Tips for Parents in the Dodge Grand Caravan

Written by Jodi Shaw. I've partnered with Go Dodge Surrey to share these vehicle tips with you. All opinions are 100% my own.

Years ago, I had a Dodge Grand Caravan and I remember how crazy it was whenever we had to do carpooling for hockey or pickups and drop-offs for school. The Grand Caravan one of the most purchased vehicles for families because of carpooling ability also comes with its own set of chaos that can ensue in this digital age we live in. With so many devices on hand to occupy our train of thought. Distracted driving can become deadly. So here's how to keep the minivan mayhem to a minimum when back to school carpooling.

For years, drivers were only able to distract themselves by listening to the radio, maybe reading a newspaper or eating something. Nowadays, there are so many electronic gadgets and high-tech gear to keep us busy; it's no wonder accident rates are on the rise. So how can we keep our families safe and improve driver's capacity to concentrate? Here are a few minivan carpooling tips for parents driving in Greater Vancouver:

No Cellphone Use While In The Vehicle

2 out of 4 Canadians have admitted to being distracted while driving because of texting while on their hand-held devices. It's a huge no-no to be on your device while driving. It only takes 2 seconds of distraction for an accident to occur. So adopt a (no cell phone use) while in the vehicle. This goes for kids traveling with you. Have everyone put their phones in a basket which they can have back once you arrive at your destination. This keeps everyone safe and sound when traveling.

Use Hands-Free devices

It's a true notion that our brain isn't wired enough to answer questions while driving without being distracted. If you have to answer a phone call, make sure you use a hands-free device. The new Dodge Caravan is equipped like most vehicles with onboard hands-free technology where you can verbally answer and text while driving. Any conversation can diminish a driver's attention for detail, so the less you are talking on the phone (even hands-free) the better.

Earphones for Kids is a Must!

There is nothing worse than driving and having to listen to hand-held devices, video games, music from cellphones and DVD's playing to distract you. Travel even from to and from school should be fun but also safe. The kids don't have to stop their entertainment. Just pick up some earphones, keep the volume down and this way everyone is happy, especially the driver who can focus on the road and not the hip-hop music or toddler tunes playing in the background.

Interior view of the Dodge Caravan Interior of the 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan featured at Go Dodge Surrey.

No Front Seat Riding In A Minivan

Arguments while driving can be a big distraction. Siblings often argue over who gets to sit in the front. My boys are 19 and 12 and guess what? Nobody sits in the front. Having a minivan allows you the luxury of extra seating with comfort. So there is no need to fight over who gets to call shotgun. Just eliminate the problem by not allowing anyone to ride in the front seat, and if you have to, set a schedule for whose turn it is.

Set Up Your Navigation Before You Leave

I don't know how many times I've had to pull over to punch an address into my navigation. Most newer vehicles won't even let you add an address while the vehicle is in motion and looking for where you are going while driving is an unnecessary distraction you don't need. Setting up your navigation ahead of time to allow step by step directions is not only useful but saves you time.

Another great thing to help you with distracted driving is the type of vehicle you choose to drive, especially when carpooling. That's why the 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan is the number best Canadian selling family vehicle of all time. Not to mention preferred pricing you just can't beat! Here are some key features that make carpooling more fun and distracted driving less of a worry.

Kids playing in the field with the Dodge Caravan in the foreground

Features of the 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan

  • LCD backup camera and monitor in front
  • 6 speakers
  • Child safety locks
  • Stability control
  • Side impact beams
  • Ensuite of airbags throughout the vehicle.
  • Safety belts with height adjustments
  • Uconnect hands free voice command with bluetooth
  • 2nd row DVD entertainment system
  • Super console accessible to front and second row
  • 9-inch flip down screen with HDMI for game console and remote control
  • Android Auto and Apple Play Availability with some models

There are many things you can do to ease the chaos of carpooling and traveling. Knowing your car's instruments, setting up your lights and mirrors, punching in your navigation and avoiding distractions are all great tips on keeping your eyes focused on the road and less distracted when driving. Anything to increase your chance of a safe arrival.

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