Gear Up With The Ultimate BC Road Trip Checklist

Written by Jodi Shaw. I've partnered with Go Dodge Surrey to share these vehicle tips with you. All opinions are 100% my own.

Jumping in the car to travel somewhere sounds like a great adventure, but it's really important to make sure your car is road ready before you leave. The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist can help you gather the necessary items needed before you put those miles on your tires.

Pre-Trip Vehicle Check

It's important to do a pre-trip vehicle check, which can provide peace of mind before going on any road trip. Understanding and knowing what needs to be fixed can help save time and money. The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist can help you inspect things on your vehicle such as your car's engine oil, tire pressure and brake safety will help to ensure your vehicle is safe for adventure. Check any warranties you may have received from your car dealership as this can go a long way to help cover any vehicle maintenance costs.

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Emergency Supplies

Something we don't often think of when traveling is encountering any emergencies, especially during a road trip. Being prepared by having a roadside emergency kit for your vehicle is important. Things like a first aid kit, spare tires for your vehicle, flares and a flashlight are just some of the items needed to keep you safe in the event something happens. You can put together your own supplies or kits can be purchased pre-ready.

Road trip emergency supplies - Go Dodge Surrey

Essentials for Your Ultimate Road Trip

So your car has been checked. You have your road safety kit ready. But there are a few essentials you may have missed. Items like toilet paper, a spare set of keys, a cell phone charger, and even bug spray are items you might not think about but greatly needed before you hit the highways. Make a list of all the extra items you think you should take with you.

Mapping your road trip - Go Dodge Surrey Blog

Added Security Items

Maps are important during a road trip to help you get where you are going, but what about those important documents that you may need such as cash for toll booths, insurance papers, your driver's license or emergency telephone contacts. Make sure all papers and documents are put into a Ziploc waterproof bag and add those extra items to your list.

Trips are a time for having fun, spending time with your family and enjoying those travel destinations on your bucket list. Making sure you have everything you need should be an important part of your planning.

Enjoy your trip!

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