Do you need Winter Tires in Greater Vancouver?


Weather and road conditions in Greater Vancouver can affect your driving performance, especially when it comes to your car's tires. Here are some quick and useful facts to help you make an informed purchase when considering winter tires:

How Winter Tires Work

Winter tires provide shorter stopping distance and better traction control when the roads are hazardous, but they wear down faster during warmer days. Winter tires will have an optimized tread pattern for low-traction situations. They also must have a sufficient tread depth to clear through slush or snow. (That's a "volumetric driving event" in tire-speak.)

Tread Compound and Design

A winter tire's compound (which you cannot see) is designed at a molecular level to stay soft, malleable and grippy as temperatures drop. Most winter tires feature specialized tread compounds and advanced tread designs that help provide superior traction and stopping distance.

Winter tires tend to have better traction and handling in colder temperatures. The tread compound maintains its flexibility, which allows for enhanced grip on snow and ice.

Winter Tire Sales - Go Dodge Surrey Tire Centre
Snow tire inventory at Go Dodge Surrey Tire Centre.

Vehicle Braking

In a contest between all-season and winter tires, winter tires improved braking performance by up to 20%. And tests in snow conditions revealed that vehicles with winter tires stopped around 28 feet shorter than the same vehicle with all-season tires.

Winter Road Conditions

In addition to harsh winter weather, if you encounter many hills or sharp corners in your area, you might want the winter-ready traction and control of winter tires. Additionally, unplowed snow, slush or ice can be a hazard to you when driving, and winter tires can help you face that challenge.

Weather Conditions

Many people wonder how harsh the weather needs to be in order to need winter tires. The general consensus is that if you live in a city where the temperature is consistently below 7.2C, or when you must drive in challenging winter conditions, winter tires may be a good choice for you.


While all-season tires can provide some traction for wet and snowy conditions, there is no denying the enhanced traction and grip that winter tires provide to help create a safer and more comfortable driving winter experience.

When shopping for tires, keep in mind that your vehicle's starting, stopping and turning abilities ultimately come down to the amount of traction your tires can offer on snowy or icy road surfaces.

If you frequently drive through harsh winter conditions, winter tires might be right for you.

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