7 Reasons Why Winter Tires Are Important


Living pretty much anywhere in British Columbia means being familiar with that fluffy white powder cascaded across our roads every winter. Driving conditions can be treacherous at times. Does that mean your vehicle needs snow tires? I didn't think so until I found out why why winter tires are important.

1. Winter Tires Provide Safety + Performance

Driving safely during the winter in BC requires a certain ability to handle your vehicle. Making sharp turns. Fast stops. Skidding and sliding when you least expect it. Unlike other tires on your new car or truck, winter tires provide a level of security in helping you control your vehicle by being specifically designed to handle the toughest weather conditions. You wouldn't scuba dive without a mask or oxygen so why would you drive without the necessary components to help keep your family safe?

2. Your Current Tires Just Aren't Good Enough

All season tires aren't really all season. Most likely the tires you have on your vehicle right now are the ones that came with the car. You can check with your auto dealership which type of tires you have and whether or not you should swap them out for winter tires.

In too many cases, most people don't even check their tires when they require sufficient winter traction for legitimate winter performance. Winter/Snow tires are the only answer.

3. Winter Tires Don't Really Make A Difference

You couldn't be more wrong. Last year was my first year driving in the snow and let me tell you, having winter tires makes a huge impact on how you drive. I nearly went through an intersection, sliding all the way unable to stop because we had not put winter tires on our car.

Winter tires can actually shorten your stopping distance up to 40% providing you the traction control you need when it counts most. The photo below shows you the difference between life and death when it comes to having control over your vehicle.

Winter Tire Breaking Distance

4. I Don't Need Winter Tires Because I Have All Season Tires

So many people say this. I used to be one of them. The trouble is "all-season tires" seems like a one-size fits all can handle any road condition thrown at it, when in reality that is far from the truth. All season tires cannot handle "all-weather conditions. They are not meant for heavy ice or snow.

Although your all-season tires might perform okay in many types of weather conditions such as heavy rain or even the mildest snow storm. They are not built to deal with the onslaught that heavy snowfall or frigid temperatures.

5. Winter Tires Aren't As Expensive As You Think

Many people think a reason not to have winter tires is they are too expensive an investment. This just isn't true. Check your local dealerships as they often have sales on winter tires and discounts just before the holiday season hits. Some have discounts up to 75% off because these places understand the importance having winter tires mean for consumers.

6. Winter/Snow Tires Are Built With Bad Weather Conditions In Mind

Winter or Snow tire technology not only makes the road safer for you by enhancing the performance of your vehicle but it also enables your vehicle to perform safely when temperatures fall below 5?C. Accelerating, braking, taking corners, uphill and downhill on snowy wet or even dry icy roads winter tires will always perform better because they have bad weather conditions in mind.

Winter Tire Treads

Winter tires work better because the way they are made. Their tread pattern is thicker and stronger but with a softer and more flexible polymer compound built into it. The shape of the tires is specifically designed with grooves and sipes to produce a unique tread.

7. Winter Tires Are Just Practical

We have more cars on the road than ever before, which means having the necessary components on our vehicles. You should be able to get into your car and drive wherever you want without worrying about your safety or the safety of the ones you love.

So don't wait for the weather to change. Put winter tires on your car and make sure you have peace of mind this holiday season to get you where you need to go.

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