Is Your Vehicle Prepared For The Winter Weather?


Winter driving in BC can be dangerous and challenging if you aren't prepared. Whether you are going on a road trip or just heading to work, you will have a much better chance at driving safely for you and your family if your vehicle is winter ready.

Some people think getting your vehicle prepared for the winter season means just putting on winter tires. It's more than that. The weather during winter in Greater Vancouver can change rapidly. Whether you are driving a new or used vehicle, you have to be prepared for the unexpected.

So here is a handy checklist with 5 tips to get you started along with an emergency winter road checklist you can download.

1. Give Your Car A Winter Maintenance Checkup

Check-ups for your vehicle don't have to be just every few months. Maintenance for your vehicle is important, especially when the seasons begin to change. Getting a vehicle check-up is a must before winter strikes.

For your winter check-up, you want to check for things like your vehicle battery, electrical systems, heating systems, brakes, lights, and fuses, along with hoses and belts to help keep your vehicle in great winter shape.

Maintenance worker posing while holding a wrench with vehicle rims on display in the background

2. Install Good Winter Tires

The installation of great winter tires is important. Your winter tires should go on as soon as the temperature outside begins to drop. Visit your local dealership for a great deal on winter tires and information on the right tires for your vehicle. Read more about Winter Tires.

Make sure you check things like tire pressure as it decreases in colder weather, and have a spare tire and tire kit on board so you're prepared for anything.

Image of a vehicle driving through the snow with winter tires on

3. Swap Out Your Wiper Blades

It's something we don't think about when getting our vehicle ready for winter, swapping out our vehicle's wiper blades. I mean why would we? Snow is heavy and winter blades make pushing snow and ice much easier.

Check your vehicle manual for which types of winter blades are a good fit for your car. You can get also swap your wiper blades during your next service appointment.

5. Have A Winter Kit Ready In Case Of Emergency

It's a true fact that while driving we don't anticipate an emergency happening but it can happen. You can run out of gas. Blow a tire. Have an electrical malfunction. All of which can leave you stranded wherever you are out in the cold waiting for help.

Image of all the essential winter safety items in one kit

Your winter kit should include not only items, you need for your vehicle but for your passengers as well. Things like jumper cables, gas can with extra gas, water for your vehicle and extra oil.

For your passengers, you should have at minimum, bottled water, granola bars, extra gloves, flashlight, spare blanket. You never know how cold things might get while you are waiting.


Winter Emergency Checklist

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