Things to look out for when buying a used car


Buying a used car or truck can be a real minefield and navigating your way around the process at an auto dealership can seem daunting; there are warning signs that you can look out for and with that in mind here are our top tips for avoiding disappointment when looking for a used car in Surrey, BC.

Are they Licensed?

All dealers should be licensed by the city that they operate in and, if they are not, you should not even entertain that idea of buying a vehicle from them.

If you do purchase from a licensed dealer you may be able to access compensation, if you suffer any losses.

Poor Weather Test Drives

Are you being guided into just viewing the vehicle at night or in poor weather conditions? The likelihood is that you are being sold a vehicle with a few external faults. Insist on dry, daytime viewing only.

Cars driving down a rainy road

A Fresh Spray?

Fresh undercoating is a sign that the vehicle has been sprayed in the very recent past; the odds are that this paint job is hiding a dirty secret.

No Road Test

If the dealer won't let you take a road test don't even think about buying the car. What could the dealer be hiding? A faulty starter motor? An exploding exhaust? There is almost certainly something noticeably wrong with the vehicle.

Bumper and Panels Out of Line

This is a tell-tale sign of a vehicle that has been in a collision. You should certainly look for other types of repair like off colouring, newer looking parts, ripples on the body or signs of a paint overspray.

Fluid Signs

You should not be seeing any signs of fluids or liquids in or around the car. Look for any fuel leaks under the hood and by the tank and look for antifreeze leaks under the hood too.

Car Engine Used Cars Surrey BC

Check the Paperwork

You need to examine the safety certificate very carefully; it should not have any blank areas and you should ensure that the vehicle information number (or VIN) matches the vehicle you are purchasing.

Also check the date of the safety certification; after thirty-six days it expires and a less trustworthy dealer may date it so it expires just after you make the purchase.

You should also check:

  • That the seller's name is the same as the name in the package
  • The mileage on the vehicle to make sure it tallies up
  • The vehicle's service records (which should be full and complete).

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